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Development and production of special monitoring and control systems, for specialized foundation engineering, remote control of machinery and equipment, industrial testing equipment, advisory service.

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Specialized foundation
engineering technology

The PARTNERmb Company produces systems to monitor equipment used in Special Foundation Engineering.

The equipment meets demanding conditions and requirements of European norms.

The equipment can be monitored by modern means of measurements, data recording and data transfer.

Specifically the TRACK device is small in size and offers comfortable data processing.

The systems are modular and offer the option to expand their function according to the customer’s needs. The system operation is suitable for all technologies and poses no problems to the operator’s moving from one workplace to the next. The following language versions are presently available – Czech, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The equipment may be installed by the user himself as it is not complicated and all plans and relevant installation charts are available.

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RMC Remote
equipment monitoring

The PARTNERmb Company manufactures the GCOM equipment used for remote monitoring of equipment operations.

The equipment remains continuously online and can be checked from time to time. The equipment sends out operating parameters via the GPRS into the RMC application on the Internet.

The data is accessible by user after logging in with his / her user name and password.

The equipment can be used to control operating parameters such as fuel consumption, time of use, location, engine temperature, revolutions and another cca 40 parameters and further controls authorized use of the equipment during night time.

The RMC System monitors the operation of cargo and passenger vehicles, cranes, excavators, drilling equipment, electro-centrals, pumps, boiler rooms and ships.

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» 16.02.2007
We have finished testing the improved version probe to measure levels of diesel fuel in the tank, under the designation of CAP02. The tests had achieved precision of 0.1% at temperatures between -20°C and +60°C.